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Barton&Guestier Medium Sweet Red 0.75L
Barton&Guestier Medium Sweet Red 0.75L
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Barton&Guestier Passeport Saint-Emilion 0.75L
Barton&Guestier Passeport Saint-Emilion 0.75L
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Winelovers from all over the world have been enjoying and sharing emotions with Barton&Guestier wines for almost three centuries. All products Barton & Guestier' are crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every vintage maintains the brand's signature style and excellence. Barton & Guestier wines had been known to receive a variety of medals and trophies at prestigious wine competitions and events. These awards often recognize the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of wines.

History of Barton&Guestier

Barton & Guestier, renowned as one of Bordeaux's most esteemed wine houses, boasts a storied heritage that stretches back nearly three centuries. The saga began in 1725 when Thomas Barton, a respected negociant hailing from Ireland, laid the foundation for what would become an enduring legacy. The real turning point in the company's history came in the early 19th century when Thomas Barton's grandson joined forces with a Frenchman named Daniel Guestier. Guestier was a respected importer of Bordeaux wines, and this partnership marked the beginning of a prosperous era for the company. Together, they embarked on a mission to introduce Bordeaux wines to new markets, notably in Baltimore, in the British colonies in America. Daniel Guestier, Captain, Master Mariner and Shipowner was at the origin of navigation with steam vessels on the Garonne River. He sailed on all oceans to bring B&G wines to the customers of the company.La Grande Nancy, L'Elize, La Belle Poule, La Victoire and Le Prévost de Lacroix were among his famous ships. It's worth noting that Daniel Guestier was responsible for delivering the wines that President Thomas Jefferson had ordered from the Barton family, cementing their place in American wine history.

Over the years, Barton & Guestier has grown to become one of the most prestigious wine houses in Bordeaux and has played a vital role in promoting and preserving the rich tradition of French winemaking. Today, the brand continues to offer a wide range of exceptional wines, representing some of the best French wine appellations. With its deep commitment to quality and consistent style across vintages, Barton & Guestier remains an iconic and beloved name in the world of wine, sharing the authentic terroir and emotions of France with wine enthusiasts around the globe.

By the end of the 18th century, Daniel created a trade-office in Baltimore where his brother Pierre-Auguste (Peter) was in charge of business. From 1785 to 89, Thomas Jefferson is US Ambassador in France. During this period, he spent 5 days in Bordeaux where he also met the Barton and Guestier families. This historical connection endures as a testament to the brand's significance in the world of wine. In 1981, US President Richard Nixon visited Château Magnol.In 2014, B&G tweeted to Barack Obama to invite him to Château Magnol! Thus, reviews about Barton&Guestier can be obtained from such as prominent persons, like presidents.

Barton & Guestier stands as an iconic French wine label, a guardian of authentic French terroir, and a source of profound emotions for wine enthusiasts across the globe. The Barton & Guestier portfolio showcases an enchanting tapestry of France's finest wine appellations, nurtured by the dedication of around 200 passionate winegrowers across key regions, including Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Rhône Valley, Languedoc, Gascony, and Corsica.

The wine industry frequently recognizes outstanding contributions and innovations. Barton & Guestier may have received awards related to its impact on the wine world, including contributions to promoting French wine.

Within this diverse collection, Barton & Guestier invites wine lovers, from casual sippers to connoisseurs, on a captivating journey through the heart of France. The B&G winemaking team diligently ensures unwavering quality and style, crafting each vintage to perfection. The company's headquarters find their home at Château Magnol in the Haut-Médoc, a prestigious Cru Bourgeois wine estate that proudly bears certifications for "High Environmental Value" and ISO 14001. Beyond its winemaking role, Chateau Magnol also doubles as a guesthouse and wine academy, welcoming wine professionals from every corner of the globe.

Barton & Guestier's dedication to sustainable winemaking practices and environmental responsibility may have earned them awards or certifications related to eco-friendly initiatives. The company is involved in various steps towards sustainability , especially at Château Magnol, which is member of the first organisation for the Environmental Management System for Bordeaux Wines. Steps involved considerations about land, energy, water and waste water quality, carbon and water footprint, waste reduction, safety and health. The Chateau has been certified ISO 14001 in 2013.

In recent years, Barton & Guestier has continued to expand its portfolio of wines, offering a wide range of varietals and styles from different French wine appellations. The company's winemaking team, composed of dedicated experts, worked diligently to ensure that each vintage maintained the brand's signature quality and style. The wine academy at Château Magnol served as a hub for education and knowledge-sharing, open to wine professionals from around the world, providing insight into the brand's winemaking traditions and innovations.

Wine connoisseurs eagerly anticipate the annual release of the new products of Barton & Guestier, each vintage bringing a fresh and exciting addition to their collection. The novelties of Barton & Guestier reflect the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity, offering wine lovers an opportunity to experience the latest expressions of French terroir.

For those seeking a taste of French sophistication – you can buy Barton & Guestier wines on and experience the authentic essence of French winemaking. Find out the price of Barton & Guestier and make your pre-order!

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