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Frequently Asked Questions

About Duty-Free Stores
Conditions of Purchase
Conditions for obtaining Mydutyfree discount
Editing and Cancelling Your Choice
Duty-free store location
MyDutyFree discount
Partner Discounts. Promo Code
Registration at the website
Purchasing Restrictions in Duty Free
Return Policy
About Duty-Free Stores

1. The duty-free shop is a specialized trading institution located at the Border Inspection Post of Ukraine, that is opened to international traffic, as well as on an air or water vehicle of commercial use that performs international flights and is intended for the sale of goods placed in duty-free trade regime.
2. Duty-free shops sell goods to citizens traveling outside the customs territory of Ukraine, as well as passengers of international flights, which are made by air and water vehicles of commercial use, operated by residents. The implementation of duty-free trade in goods placed in the duty-free trade regime is forbidden to enterprises.
3. Duty-free shops in accordance with the established procedure carry out trade in all types of food and non-food products, except for goods that, according to the law, are banned for import to Ukraine, export from Ukraine and transit through Ukraine, and goods under commodity items 2701-2716 according to UCG FEA. Rules for the sale of goods by duty-free shops to citizens are approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (Article 420 of the Customs Code of Ukraine).

Conditions of Purchase

To purchase goods in duty free, you need to be a passenger traveling abroad.

Conditions for obtaining Mydutyfree discount

Discount is applied to the purchase of goods in duty-free shops, a list of which is located on the website.
To get a discount, you need to use MyDutyFree service at least 2 hours before your departure outside the customs territory of Ukraine.
With the help of the discount codes received on the website, you can purchase and pick up the goods at a reduced price directly at the selected duty free shop after passing the passport control.
The discount is applied only to the products you have chosen through the Mydutyfree service.

Editing and Cancelling Your Choice

You can cancel your choice from your personal account. You can also contact our customer support via email at .
If you've changed your mind about certain items in your choice, tell the cashier directly in the store, and they would remove it from your purchase.
If you want to add some goods to your purchase, please create another pre-choice.
Discounts do not apply to the goods you add to your purchase in the store at the border checkpoint.

Duty-free store location

The duty-free shops, whose range is presented on the website for informational purposes, are located at the following checkpoints:

• Porubnoe, Chernovetsky region, border with Romania;
• Dyakovo, Transcarpathian region, border with Romania;
• Uzhhorod, Transcarpathian region, border with Slovakia;
• Chop, Transcarpathian region, border with Hungary.

The goods you select on the site, you can buy and pick up in the corresponding stores.


Purchase and payment are made in a duty-free store at MyDutyFree pickup point at border checkpoints.
You can pay for your purchase in euros, dollars, pounds and rubles (besides, one purchase can be paid for in several currencies).
Duty free shops accept cards of the following payment systems: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express.
Prices on the website can slightly differ from the prices at a duty free shop, due to constant changes in currency exchange rates and the fact that the rate of exchange set by the National Bank of Ukraine can differ from the internal rate at the shop. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

MyDutyFree discount

MyDutyFree grants a discount of 5% on the duty-free items, presented on the website.
The discount does not apply to the goods from the Sales category as well as to the items labeled "no discount".

Partner Discounts. Promo Code

Currently partner discounts are not available for shops at border checkpoints.

Registration at the website

In order to place a pre-choice, registration at mydutyfree.net is required. This will allow you to cancel your choice, view purchase history and create a wishlist. Registration also simplifies making a pre-choice.
You can sign-in via accounts on social networking sites, such as Google+ or Facebook.

Purchasing Restrictions in Duty Free


Return Policy

Should you purchase an item of a substandard quality, please call +380 044 363 01 70 (available on weekdays from 09.00 a.m. till 01.00 p.m. and from 02.00 till 06.00 p.m.

Terms and Conditions of MyDutyFree preorder service
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