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Kinder Maxi Travel Edition 378g
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Kinder Bueno White, Travel Edition 312g
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Kinder is a favorite treat that many people have known since childhood. Do you remember the incredible delicate taste of chocolate, or your collection of toys from Kinder Surprises or later adaptations of Kinder-Joy?

The history of the Kinder brand begins with a small bakery in Italy, which the founder of the brand inherited from his father and turned into a candy store. It was here that the future world-famous chocolate sweets began to appear in 1942.

The first product of the company to make a splash was the nut paste invented by Pietro Ferrero, the "Gianduja Pasta". This dessert was much cheaper than others, easily transported in foil, and became a gastronomic surprise for sweets connoisseurs. Often, pasta was a substitute for dessert after the main meal.

The main ingredient of Kinder sweets was and is cocoa beans, but due to the Second World War, their supply became much more difficult, so the founder Pietro Ferrero began to mix the leftover cocoa beans with nut paste, which is how the first version of perhaps the world's most delicious chocolate paste appeared. Over time, the composition and density of the paste changed, as did the taste, and since then it has been called Nutella. The new name was also not invented by chance, the concept includes the English word for "nut" - "nut" and the ending "ella", which is inherent in many Italian words such as mozzarella, caramella, and others.

The candy shop also served as a store where you could buy fresh sweets. It was here that Pietro's son and heir, Michele Ferrero, first noticed bored children whose parents came to shop. An ordinary chocolate bar could not keep a child occupied for long. So Michele decided to come up with some interesting treats for children. Inspired by the Italian Easter tradition of putting a small surprise or coin inside a cake, the world-famous Kinder Surprise was born. When the demand for the products became extremely high, Ferrero, which was originally a small family business, decided to increase its capacity, hire employees and open a production facility.

The Kinder Surprise, empty chocolate eggs with a plastic gift container, have brought surprises not only to many children and adults but also to the manufacturers themselves. When they tried to transport them to countries with hotter climates, the chocolate eggs could not withstand the heat and melted. They were replaced by Kinder-Joy in plastic packaging. One half of it contains a chocolate and nut mass with two waffles and nut balls, and the other half contains a toy. This made it possible to bring joy to more people with a sweet tooth.

Today, the world-famous sweets are still in great demand, and over the years, Kinder has introduced new products, including the Kinder chocolate brand:

Kinder chocolate - chocolate mini-bars made of delicate, milk chocolate with milk filling inside. Usually sold in 4 or 6 servings per package, each mini-bar has an individual wrapper, which is extremely convenient when you want to enjoy it on the go.

Kinder Maxi - a chocolate and milk mini-bar in a larger portion than Kinder chocolate, usually found on sale individually, but sometimes found in packages.

Kinder Country - a variation of Kinder on the usual chocolate bars, but with traditional delicate milk chocolate and milk-cereal filling with airy grains of rice, barley, buckwheat, spelt and ordinary wheat.

Kinder Bueno - extremely tender and airy wafers with milk and nut filling and covered with a thin layer of the most delicate milk chocolate.

Kinder Milk-Slice - the world is changing and so is the Kinder brand. The first unexpected novelty of the Kinder brand is a chilled sponge cake dessert with natural milk, honey, and NO CHOCOLATE. Progress in the world does not stand still, various studies are gaining demand and getting their results, according to them, many children cannot eat chocolate, so to give their favorite delicacies to children, Kinder has introduced a new product. Of course, adults also love to eat it.

Kinder Pingui is another chilled dessert that will perfectly replace a regular snack. A sponge cake with a milk filling covered with a layer of high-quality chocolate will appeal to many people.

Kinder Delice is a sponge cake with a milk filling covered with cocoa glaze, suitable for a small snack during the day, or just to please yourself with something tasty.

Kinder Maxi King is an atypical but delicious dessert for the Kinder brand. The milk caramel filling is wrapped in milk chocolate wafers and covered with chopped hazelnuts, a dessert worth tasting.

Interestingly, there are Kinder brand products that are made specifically for duty-free shops. Here you can find Kinder Bueno in white chocolate, or Kinder Maxi with ten servings in a package. In Duty Free stores, you can also find various mixes of Kinder products to try several varieties of sweets at once or branded products such as boxes or toys.

Interestingly, the small portion sizes of Kinder products are not an accident. The manufacturers paid attention to healthy and wholesome baby food, so they made portions of optimal sizes. Almost 81% of Kinder products contain less than 130 calories per serving. Thanks to this division, it is very convenient for parents to control the amount of calories consumed by their child, and it is also very convenient to combine sweets with other products, such as fruit or milk, to get a really complete and satisfying snack.

Since children are the biggest sweet lovers, the company focuses on children. It is not for nothing that the company's slogan is: the best is for children. Accordingly, the quality of products for the production of sweets must be of the best quality. The main ingredients of the products are natural ingredients, such as milk, nuts, cocoa, honey, eggs, cereals, coconut, lemon juice, salt, and sugar, as well as safe culinary ingredients such as thickeners, baker's yeast, baking powder, emulsifiers such as lecithin, malt extract, flavors and glazes. All components are thoroughly tested and have the appropriate quality and safety certificates. The composition of each individual Kinder product can be found on the back of the package. Preservatives and dyes are not used in the production of sweets on a categorical and principled basis.

Toys in Kinder Surprises are also carefully selected. Each chocolate egg has the age of the child for whom the toy is intended. This age is determined by experts on the basis of many expert studies of the psychological development of children and the relevant legal regulations of each country to which the product is delivered. That is why you can safely delight your kids with surprises and sweets from Kinder.

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