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Martini Rosso 15% 0.06L
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Martini Prosecco Sparkling Wine 11.5% 0.2L
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Martini Rosato Vermouth 15% 1L
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Martini Bianco Vermuth 0.06L
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Martini is a popular producer of vermouths and sparkling wines, and its products are in high demand in practically every country around the world. For over a century and a half, the Martini & Rossi distillery, located in the north of Italy in Turin, has been engaged in the production and sale of the brand's products. Each type of Martini beverage has a unique secret recipe based on select wines and a bouquet of plant essences. With Martini vermouths, you can endlessly experiment—consume them neat, with snacks, as part of cocktails—and each time discover a new pleasant taste.

Thanks to its advertising campaigns featuring the Italian Riviera, luxurious yachts, beautiful women, and rugged men, the Martini brand is associated with an aristocratic and lavish lifestyle. The participation of well-known actors such as George Clooney, Jude Law, and Monica Bellucci in advertising campaigns has paved the way for Martini into the world of cinema, art, and fashion. The taste of the beverage has long become a symbol of refinement and the sweet life in its finest manifestations. Positive reviews about Martini from satisfied customers worldwide have also helped the brand secure its place in the spotlight.

Since its inception, Martini has participated in numerous prestigious competitions and festivals, organizing events to enhance the brand image: fashion shows, exhibitions, car rallies, creative evenings for photographers, designers, and cinematographers, bartending competitions for cocktail mastery, and more. Today, these events are what the Martini alcohol brand is associated with.

The history of Martini

The tradition of flavoring wines with herbs dates back to ancient Rome, where such beverages were considered medicinal, categorizing them as the earliest forms of vermouth.

In the 18th century, in the Piedmont region, renowned for its wines and abundance of aromatic plants, the world's first vermouth was crafted. The name of the beverage comes from the German word "Wermut," which translates to "wormwood." Since then, the entire world recognizes Turin, an Italian city in Piedmont, as the capital of vermouth.

The success story of the Martini brand began with the partnership of two talented individuals—Luigi Rossi and Alessandro Martini. Luigi Rossi dedicated his entire life to studying the intricacies of winemaking and experimenting with plants and herbs. He sought the formula for the perfect beverage, and later, he succeeded in creating the red vermouth Martini Rosso, named in honor of its inventor. To this day, it is produced according to the unchanged recipe. Alessandro Martini was an expert in the field of wines and liqueurs, as well as a talented entrepreneur. In 1863, these men became co-owners of the distillery, and their union was destined for resounding success from the very beginning.

Alessandro focused on spreading vermouths worldwide, while Luigi, during this time, dedicated himself to finding the perfect proportions of plants to enhance the taste qualities of the beverage. Together, they completely revolutionized the world's perception of vermouth, introducing a new drink with a refined, smooth, and elegant flavor.

To "announce" their existence to the world, the decision was made to present the new vermouth at international competitions. In 1865, the beverage won its first Grand Prix at an exhibition in Dublin. Prestigious medals followed at exhibitions in France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. By the beginning of the 20th century, Martini had accumulated 13 victories at prestigious exhibitions and more than 40 gold medals for quality from international competitions. No other vermouth had received such a number of awards throughout its history.

In 1893, Martini received recognition from the Italian monarch, who granted permission to print the royal coat of arms on the bottle label. The brand also gained approval and official status as the supplier of vermouths to monarchs in Denmark, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, and Japan. Thus, Martini vermouths became the royal beverages.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Martini was already being distributed in over 70 countries worldwide, spanning all continents. In 1993, the merger of two renowned brands, Bacardi and Martini, occurred, creating a single entity - Bacardi-Martini.

In the 21st century, the descendants of Luigi Rossi and Alessandro Martini continue the great legacy of their predecessors under the motto "Luck Is An Attitude" - "Luck does not exist, there's only those who create it." The new owners successfully harmonize ancestral traditions with contemporary trends. With values such as interest in life, the energy of youth, talent, and art, Martini entered the new century. The novelties from Martini continue to delight their enthusiasts, making a mark and winning numerous new hearts.

Currently, at the Italian wineries of "BACARDI-MARTINI," a diverse range of legendary Martini vermouths is produced. The MARTINI assortment includes award-winning vermouths, Italian sparkling wines, and cocktail bitters. All Martini products boast a distinctive bittersweet taste thanks to plant components sourced from the finest locations worldwide, expertly blended with Italian craftsmanship, passion, and unwavering dedication. The new Martini products quickly capture the hearts of millions of connoisseurs of exquisite beverages right after their release.

The varieties of Martini include:

1. Martini Rosso: This Martini type stands out with its red color and sweet taste, enriched with notes of herbs and spices.

2. Martini Bianco: An exquisite white Martini with a delicate taste and aroma of vanilla, citrus, and orange peel.

3. Martini Extra Dry: Light and refreshing, Extra Dry offers a balanced taste with a subtle bitterness and citrus notes.

4. Martini Rosato: This Martini type combines freshness and fruitiness with a light floral bouquet.

5. Martini Fiero: A novelty with notes of orange and herbs, Fiero imparts a refreshing and fruity character to the drink.

6. Martini Gold: A luxurious Martini with hints of vanilla, ginger, and citrus, crafted for special moments.

7. Martini Royale: A combination of Martini with tonic and ice, creating a light and refreshing aperitif.

8. Martini Brut: The perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness, giving the classic Martini an exquisite taste.

9. Martini Ambrato: With rich aromas and flavors, Ambrato is a blend of delicate herbs and spices.

10. Martini Riserva Speciale: A premium collection of Martini varieties, including Rubino and Ambrato, known for their complexity and rich taste nuances.

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